A1    Satay (4 pcs.)pork or chicken                                                                            6.95

A2    Thai Eggrolls (4 pcs.)                                                                                           6.95

A3    Khai Jiao Moo Sab (ground pork omlet)                                                         6.95

A4    Tufu (Deep fried tofu with sweet dipping sauce)                                         6.95


SP1*  Tom Ka Gai (Tangy coconut chicken soup)                                                10.95

Sp2    Tom Jued Woon-Sen (Glass noodle soup)                                                    10.95

Sp3    Tom Yum Gai (Thai Hot & Sour soup with chicken)                               11.95

Sp4    Tom Yum Goong (Thai Hot & Sour soup with shrimp)                           13.95

Sp5    Tom Yum Talay Po Taek (Thai Hot & Sour /w assorted seafood)         15.95


*(Popular Dishes)


N1*  Pad Thai (famous sweet thai noodles)                                                              10.95

N2    Lard Na (Rice Noodle with Broccoli served with special gravy sauce)  10.95

N3    Pad See-ew (flat rice nooldes with egg, sweet soy sauce, and broccoli)  10.95

N4*  Pad Kimao (spicy flat rice noodles with garlic, chili pepper, basil)        10.95

N5    Kuay Tiaw Gai Sab (Noodles topped with ck, tomatoe, onion, gravy)   10.95


*(Popular Dishes)

Northeastern Dishes

SA1    Som Tham (shredded green papaya, tomatoe, pepper, peanut, lime)     9.95

SA2    Yum Woon-Sen (Glass noodles, minced pork, onion, cilantro, lime)        10.95

SA3*  Beef Salad (sliced flank steak, cucumber, tomatoe, onion, pepper,lime)10.95

SA4    Lahb (Minced chicken or pork cooked lime juice, mixed/w lime, spices)10.95

SA5*  Num Thok (grilled frank steak /w onion, cilantro, lime, thai spices)      10.95


*(Popular Dishes)


C1*  Gaeng Kiew Wan (green curry /w coconut milk )                                            10.95

C2    Gaeng Ped Dang (red curry /w coconut milk)                                                   10.95

C3*  Gaeng Ped Gai Yang - House Special (Red curry /w roasted chicken)        11.95

C4    Gaeng Panaeng (kaffir lime leaves curry /w coconut milk)                         10.95

C5    Gaeng Masaman (peanut sauce curry /w coconut milk)                               10.95

C6*  Gaeng Garli (Yellow curry /w coconut milk)                                                    10.95

C7    Gaeng Khua Goong Sappharod (shrimp in red curry /w pineapple)          11.95


*(Popular Dishes)

Stir Fry

SF1*  Sweet & Sour (pork or chicken, onion,bell pepper,pineapple,cucumber 10.95

SF2    Pad Pak Ruammit (mixed vegetables stir fry)                                                10.95

SF3    Garlic & Pepper (pork or chicken, marinated with garlic & pepper)        10.95

SF4*  Cashew Chicken (Chicken sauteed in sweet chili paste /w bell pepper)  10.95

SF5    Pad Kaprao (Basil stir fried with vegetables, chili peppers)                        10.95

SF6    Pad King (Ginger vegetables stir fried in oyster sauce)                                10.95

SF7*  Pad Phrik King (String beans cooked in curry paste & coconut milk)      11.95

SF8    Pla Rad Phrik Gaeng (Batter fried white fish /w sweet spicy sauce)         14.95

SF9    Pad Pong Garli (Stir fried in Yellow curry paste, with vegetables0          10.95

SF10  Vegetarian Delight (Tofu stir fried /w sweet chili paste, nuts, vege)      10.95


*(Popular Dishes)


R1    Kao Pad (Thai style fried rice, with choice of chicken, beef or pork)         10.95

R2    Kao Pad Phrik Pao (fried rice /w touch of sweet chili paste)                        10.95

R3    Kao Pad Sapparod (fried rice /w green pea, raisins, cashew nuts)            10.95

R5    Kao Tom Goong (rice soup /w shrimp, roasted garlic, onion, cilantro)    10.95


D1    Kao Neaow Mamuang (Mango /w sticky rice in creamy coconut sauce) 5.50

D2    Iced Tropical Fruit (Tropical Thai fruit served in syrup /w ice)                 3.00


Thai Iced Coffee (A dilicious cold and creamy coffee drink)                                   3.00

Thai Iced Tea (A sweet and creamy iced tea treat)                                                   3.00

Thai Creamies (Sweet creamy drinks; jasmine, pineapple, sala, soda)              3.00

Soy Milk (A slightly sweeter substitute for milk                                                        3.00

Coconut Juice (Refreshing coconut juice /w pieces of coconut meat)                  3.00

Fountain Drinks (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr Pepper, RBeer, 7up, Mdeaw, lemon)     2.00

Hot jasmine Tea                                                                                                                   3.00

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